Virtual adoption

Have you reached your furry friend limit? Are you unable to provide the time necessary to look after a dog or cat? Do you want to help but don’t know how?

Virtually adopt one of our little friends and show your love with actions. You can adopt on your own or with a group of friends, your classmates or co-workers.

Through virtual adoption, you will be given the opportunity to provide for an animal, covering its basic needs and helping us enormously in the process. You can adopt for as long as you like, and your name will be proudly placed next to the name of your pet of choice on our site.

You can help your dog or cat in two ways (or even a combination of the two).

Firstly, you can provide practical help, through the donation of goods or services associated with the correct care of the animal chosen. This can be anything from its food to its annual vet check up.

Secondly, you can offer some of your time to visit your pet of choice, take it for a walk or to the vet or even get involved in finding it the best home.

If you want you can provide a combination of the two. To take part in the virtual adoption program, please contact us.

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