When you foster an animal, we cover all the costs (unless you would like to help by providing food or medicine if needed)

All we really need from you is a warm corner and love! For some of these animals, it may be the only chance they get to see what it’s like to live in a warm and safe environment, even if it just for a while.

Urgent cases

Dogs and cats that are in urgent need of fostering. These are usually either very young animals that mustn’t stay at our shelter until they have had their first vaccinations or animals found at a time when we were at full capacity.


Give them a chance!

These are usually dogs and cats that would greatly benefit from fostering so that we can observe them and their behaviors, in order to find them the most suitable home.

Most of them are shy to begin with and reluctant to come out of their shell, usually because of past trauma. Because of this, people do not adopt them, and so the animals are not given the chance they deserve to get to know someone and bond with them.

Time in fostering is essential therefore, in order to help these animals get used to humans and thus feel confident enough to showcase their own, uniquely wonderful personality. That way, when the time comes to meet their prospective new family, they will be able to be their charming selves!


Fostering for the Winter

Most of these furry souls are elderly and some of them have some health problems and don’t do well in the cold.

So we try to find them a foster family to provide some relief even if it is just for the winter.

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