Thanks for your concern, your support is vital!

Fazoo is a private, non-profit organization, and receives no government funding. The cats ans dogs rely entirely on your donations. The costs to provide medical care, neutering, food and shelter for so many animals are much higher than what the volunteers themselves could afford on their own, especially during these hard times people and animals in Greece are going through…

You can chose between a single donation or sponsorship of an animal through virtual adoption, helping in that way a specific little soul that stole your heart! Either way, your gift will really help us improve the animal’s lives!

Besides monetary donations, Fazoo can always use the items below: 

  • Dog and cat food (dried, canned and treats)
  • Medication (vaccines, Drontal de-worming tablets, Frontline and Advantix spot-on, Frontline spray, Scalibor and Kiltix collars, Vibramycin, Microvibrate, Zylapour, Milteforan, Glucantime, Tobrex, Tobradex, Flagyl and Augmentin.
  • Blankets, mats, houses, dog and cat carriers, crates, food bowls, collars, beds, brushes, cat litter, cat trees, ID tags, toys and whatever else you can think of!

Please note that if you are going to buy something new, food and medication are the most needed items. The collars, blankets etc can also be used in good condition.

Thank you!

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