About Us

At Fazoo, we take in, treat and re home dogs and cats found on the streets of Athens. Each one of them has its own, often heart-breaking story, and our aim is to help them turn over a new leaf and start a new, happier chapter in their, hopefully, long book of life.

Our story

It’s been 12 years since I was a carefree, happy, but troubled 28 year old. I felt a deep need to do something, to give back somehow and I spent a good while searching for a way to do this.
I started to look after the few dogs and cats that were in need around me, having no idea where this would lead. At some point though, I hit a wall. It was practically impossible for me to continue looking after the many animals I had taken in., alone. Yet I didn’t give up. I was always hoping to meet people who shared the same vision as me. Someone with whom I could paint a different picture than the one I was faced with. A world with no stray cats or dogs.

In the summer of 2002, I found that person- my partner in crime.: my boyfriend. We rented a huge space, took all our furry family with us and started making phone calls. We poured all of our savings and energy into making a difference. As time went by, the adoptions increased as did out ideas for something even better. We’ve come a long way, we’ve struggled but we’ve never given up. What we do here, everyday, seems worth it. It’s important.

Fazoo was established for all of you, who have at some point in your lives, felt the need to give back, but didn’t know how. Through out organization, you can our stay cats and dogs a plate of food, some of your time, a much needed hug or even a forever home.

Please feel free to browse our site and discover the way in which you, personally can give a helping hand. Your help is essential to us and fills us with hope that we will be able to go on, doing what feels right. Taking these animals off the road and helping them to finally come home.

Many thanks

The Fazoo team

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